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  Repertoires - Tangos from Gardel to Piazzolla

Ensemble Romulo Larrea
Under de musical and artistic direction
Of Maestro Romulo Larrea

Verónica Larc, vocals

1 to 2 couples of tango dancers

Pierre Lavoie, Lighting design




Gardel and Piazzolla are prominent symbols in the history of the tango. Their talent and passion allowed the genre to evolve and mark different time-periods in the evolution of the genre. Their songs and music are masterpieces that bring to light the uniqueness of their role. Their contributions to the foundation and modernization of the century-old international tradition are exceptional.

Gardel formed a lexicon, until then, unknown to tango poets. He shaped a new image for tango songs with inventive lyrics. With his great voice and movie star look he created a trend and became an icon soon after his tragic and premature death. Strongly supported by the musical aesthetic of tango, his moving melodies are praised successes unaffected by the passage of time.

Piazzolla modernized the musical structure of the tango. He lived intensely the times of struggle and glory associated with his art. His main battle was to convince his fellow Argentineans that tango allowed and required innovation. Outlining that his aspiration was influenced by his mentor, legendary Nadia Boulanger, did not persuade the tangueros of the old guard. Guided by a characteristic fervor, Piazzolla became a pioneer of the emerging nuevo tango for future generations – a yet unrivaled status.

Larrea dreamed of this concept for several years. Its preparation was initiated in 1994 when renowned violinist Stéphane Grapelli attended a show of Larrea's Ensemble. After the performance, Grapelli asked to see Larrea. He hold Larrea's hands and told him with emotion: "In the 1930's, I was performing in the Palais de la Méditerranée sharing the stage with Carlos Gardel. In the 1980's, I shared the billboards of the major jazz festivals with Astor Piazzolla. Today, your music reminds me of those great moments. Thank you and continue on with this art!"

Gardel and Piazzolla: talent and passion to serve the immense beauty of Tango.


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Photos: Denis Beaumont, Marcel Dubois, Wouter Schenk.


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Sensual Spanish Accent Arrives by Way of Quebec
« … Led by Mr. Larrea on bandoneón, the musicians consistently played up the wit and teased out the more ambiguous elements of their material, with the singer Verónica Larc joining them every few songs for an extra infusion of earthy sensuality. The musicians' feeling and respect was woven into every note, while the pianist Louise-Andrée Baril was a particularly delightful presence. »

« … The dancing, meanwhile, built much of its erotic charge through restraint. This is, after all, an art in which two steps forward and one step back isn't progress but foreplay. The most severe and fiery of the three couples were Leah Barsky and Carlos Cañedo. (Who knew the man could smile till the final curtain call?) Their legs sliced wickedly through turns and kicks like whirring blades, and they maintained gorgeous control while plunging into deep, aggressive lunges. »

Claudia La Rocco,New York Times, USA



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